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Many Cards into One


The SWYP card works with the SWYP app (iOS and Android) to help users take their many cards and slim them down into one smart device. Using a card reader and the app, users' cards are transferred into their phones and then via Bluetooth to the SWYP card.


User Experience


For this project I worked on the entire product user experience and design, covering both the apps and the hardware. Many challenges arose on both sides including having multiple pieces of hardware to interface with the phone, as well as cutting edge technology such as the flexible eInk display.


Prototypes for the apps were built rapidly and iterated quickly to help identify experience issues and simplify the process, especially for new users.


Card and Package Graphic Design


In addition to designing the app and hardware and hardware UX, I was tasked to create vector graphics that would be used as the look of the card itself. The front utilized a screen printing process, but interestingly the back graphics were printed using a process used to print circuit boards. Laser etching on this process on the back allows quick customization with users' names. The package design matched the card while maintaining a minimalist look.




  • Wireframes for mobile apps

  • Visual design for mobile apps

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Hardware user experience

  • Packaging design

  • Icon design

  • Product graphic design

  • User manual

  • Marketing asset design

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