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Simplified Control


The Robosmart LED Smart Lights were designed to be controlled from Bluetooth devices directly, without the need for hubs or other proprietary technologies that predominate the industry. Each bulb can be directly controlled or controlled in groups using an app for iOS or Android.


User Experience


When I began working on this project, the hardware and bulbs were about ready for production however little thought had been put on how to make the app easy to use. I began an indepth analysis on how users currently control their lights, and how they might benefit from remote or automated controls.


An entire series of features were targeted to include in a minimum viable product for quick release. These included things like controlling groups of lights, setting timers, and proximity detection. After initial wireframe sketches, high fidelity prototypes were created for user testing.


Branding and Package Design


The team at Smartbotics had not had time to brand, market, or package their product. I worked to create a series of materials to be used on their website to help communicate what the product is and what it solves. Addtionally I designed the packages and even pallets for how they were to be displayed at Costco.





  • Branding

  • Wireframes for mobile apps

  • Visual design for mobile apps

  • Prototyping

  • Hardware user experience

  • Packaging design

  • Icon design

  • Retail pallet system design

  • Web site

  • 3D Modeling

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