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Biba is about improving communications in the modern workplace. The Biba apps for iPhone, Android, and desktop were designed to solve real pain points at work, like getting meetings started on time.

The design process initially set out to create a minimum viable product approach around voice communication during meetings with an app-first approach. Soon the features grew to other platforms and included things like screen sharing, chat, and room based communication. 


My role as the lead designer at Biba was to deliver unique user experiences that facilitated better meetings in the workplace. I worked end-to-end brainstorming, wireframing, and ultimately delivering the final visual design of our apps. Additonally some prototyping and user testing was used to ensure the designs were working.


Wireframes for new features and flows were quickly sketched out in medium fidelity to evaluate what was best suited for prototyping or user testing. Documentation in the agile style is light, enough to communicate to the development team what is required to build for the week. We spent time developing educational pieces to explain the uses for Biba.

Much of what happens to get users into the system or stay active happens on the server side. Given that each business manages their own implementation of Biba, we needed to create an easy to use admin app that ran in a browser. The design was built around a flexible grid system and was powered by ruby on rails. Another non-app side of Biba that was important to the experience were the emails used to communicate to the user. Invites, meetings, and other information needed to be sent to the user in the most unobtrusive and clear manner as possible.



  • Wireframes for mobile and desktop apps

  • Wireframes for web based admin

  • Visual design for mobile apps

  • HTML based design for web based admin

  • Email design

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